Inter Trans Shipping
Co has started its vigorous activity at transportation and forwarding services market recently. Successful activity and reputation of the Company are based on well-organized work of our qualified team and professional and individual approach

    One of the main requirement of any partner who wants to make use of qualified job of transportation and forwarding Company, is his cargo delivery on time, and well-organized work of Inter Trans Shipping implements and guarantees conveyance on time and turnkey. While cargoes waiting for their transportation, they are stored at protected areas and their conveyance proceeds by the modern vessels, thereby assuring customer’s composure and confidence in cargo safe.

    Inter Trans Shipping company gives all above freight-forwarded services and all they provided at the highest level. That is possible thanks to well-organized work with numerous customers, highly qualified team and our big truly desire to meet our clients’ needs. Doing our best, «Inter Trans Shipping” goes towards to become one of the best and biggest in shipping dispatcher area. We hope that the quality of our work will be highly appreciated by all our customers, who will need our assistance in future!

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